About the club

The Violet Society members club is designed to bring like-minded women together to make changes to the way they live and the things they do in order to make for a more happy and fulfilling life that actually gets lived to the full – not just surviving or existing.

We meet so many women who have lost their mojo, look in the mirror and don’t recognise the person staring back or are struggling to land their dream job or progress their career how they’d like to. Sound like you?

Firstly, just know you’re normal. That’s one of the reasons we created our own businesses, and then joined forces to create The Violet Society – because we’ve been there too.  We’ve battled with myself through many a meltdown and a drama and believe me, it’s been feckin tough! We’ve worked it out the hard way and want to take that hard work and effort away for other women who are experiencing something similar.


My background is in corporate leadership development and I’m an expert in behavioural change which means I’m shit hot at cracking wonky mindsets, pants attitudes and unhealthy behaviour that isn’t serving you.


My background is in mental health therapy, life coaching and weirdly – tech! I’m a mind mender, block buster and business builder! I’ll help you find balance, smash your limiting beliefs and can help you with business skills that you might need.


Originally, The Violet Society set out to offer the traditional, face to face workshop kind of set up, but that wasn’t working for everyone. Most women, whatever their personal circumstances, are time poor, run ragged, spinning a million and one plates and on most days haven’t got time to pee (Yep, we used to arrive at our door most evenings with crossed legs trying frantically to get the key in the door as we realised we hadn’t had time to go all day! Oh, you too?) and that’s why we branched out into the online world – so that you could have access to all of the resources, support and help from the comfort of your own sofa, 24/7, 365!

So, what’s the club all about?

We’re all about turning the notion of ‘pretty’ on its head and sticking two fingers up to being aesthetically pretty. We’re building an army of women who are their own version of pretty – pretty awesome, pretty tough, pretty stylish, pretty whatever…… and we do that through our 7 secrets. These are the pillars of what we believe can help you create your best life!

So, from an online club perspective, it goes a little something like this…

For a monthly subscription, you can join our member’s club. You’ll get access to ALL of our online courses and to a fabulous community of like-minded women. Our courses all fall under our 7 secrets and range from helping you to develop greater self confidence and figure out what makes you happy through to looking after your body & mind, feeling and looking stylish through your clothes, underwear, hair and makeup and not forgetting all of the courses that are more career and work focused. We have all the skills and learning you could possibly need –  under one roof! We have resident experts, bringing you their knowledge through masterclasses and live seminars, and we have regular self-development book clubs if you fancy joining those.

Check out the two membership options here and if you have any questions then please just give us a shout. You can drop us a line here or have a squizz at our FAQ’s.

We look forward to getting to know you!


Jodes and Rox xx